About Me

Hi, I’m Muhammad Shakeel

The guy behind How-To WP.

I help WordPress beginners mastering the art of WordPress by providing WordPress tips, tricks, and how-to tutorials.

Muhammad Shakeel


My journey towards WordPress started during my university life (during 2012-16). Being a Computer Science student, I was very keen to learn web design and development. So I started learning HTML & CSS and created my first site in 2013.

After launching my site, I found it very time consuming to make changes to my site. Even if I have to make a small change in the menu, I’ll have to do it one by one on all pages. So I started searching for solutions and alternatives to this and luckily,  I found WordPress, the greatest CMS ever. 🙂

I started learning WordPress and in 2014, I created my first website in WordPress and I enjoyed it a lot, so I started creating WordPress sites for my clients.

Muhammad Shakeel


Many people came to me with having basic WordPress problems in their site or blog and though, I helped them overcome those problems. But I realized that even WordPress is very easy to start and work with, but there can be problems for absolute beginners who aren’t tech-savvy.

So the idea of How-To WP came to my mind, where I can provide solutions and tutorials regarding WordPress problems from my own experiences. And my goal is to make it the #1 WordPress How-to resource for absolute WordPress beginners.


How-To WP is a free WordPress how-to resource site for absolute WordPress beginners.

The main goal of this site is to provide quality WordPress how-to tips, tricks, and tutorials to help WordPress beginners mastering the art of WordPress.